About us


In 2012, we learned of a family in dire need. The father was losing a foot to diabetes; the mom was legally blind; they had 3 children; and they were facing foreclosure. Another place to live had been located, but the home needed lots of repairs. A small group of us reached out to help and, when the news spread about the project, more people, businesses and churches joined in the effort.


While working on the project, we were made aware of another family in need, and then another, and then another.... We had no idea the needs were so great, and that there were people struggling in our neighboring communities. God opened our eyes to see our mission field, and prompted us to "get off our pews" and do something; to start living out who we claimed to be as Christians; to be "doers of the Word, and not hearers only." (James 1:22)

Since that time, Ever Reaching Community Outreach ("ERCO") has, by the grace of God and the support of many, grown into a sizeable grassroots movement that now serves as a food pantry, feeding thousands each year from up to 15 counties; a donation center with free clothes, housewares, furniture and, at times, appliances; a resource network partnering with multiple organizations to collaboratively work together to meet needs; and a provider of hope by showing Christ's love and sharing the message of hope and faith in Jesus Christ. We pray for your support, whether through prayers, donations and/or volunteering, to help us continue this ministry to be ever reaching out to help those in need.